Training Opportunities


Here are some of our training opportunities.

We make your needs and creating long lasting change in your organization our top priority. We customize our approach to help you implement research based, practical techniques to create game changing results. You get to choose the scope and scale of the training.
Creating a Healthy Culture

Establishing corporate/team values

Building and maintaining trust

Creating accountability

Developing mission and vision statements

Emotional Intelligence Training

Self awareness

Self regulation



Social skills

Effective Communication

Defense lowering communication techniques

How to provide feedback

How to handle conflict

Change Management

Key steps of effective change management

Supporting staff during change

Identifying and addressing challenges

Developing corporate resilience in times of flux

Corporate Wellbeing

Stress management

Developing a culture of wellbeing

Building Trust

Assessing Trust

Learn techniques for creating trust

Implementing trust building skills

Building Corporate Resilience

SWOT analysis

Identify required tools to build resilience

Develop strategy and implementation