Gottman Couples Retreat

At deVille Partners, we believe in investing in strong partnerships on every level.

The tools and techniques shared in this couples retreat also transfer easily to foster healthy relationships at work.


Join us for a one-day couples retreat based on the 40+ years of research of John and Julie Gottman from the Gottman Institute, designed to deepen your love and connection.


  • The retreat aims to strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and navigate conflicts successfully.
  • Experience transformative techniques and meet great people while learning new skills in a private setting in NW Calgary.
  • All couples are welcome, whether you’re in a committed relationship or dating for a short or long time, regardless of orientation.
  • Relational issues are not shared during the retreat, but specific challenges can be addressed privately afterwards.
Expect a delightful tuneup for your relationship and delicious food throughout the day!
Calgary, AB

April 13, 2024

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Consider this an opportunity for a delightful tuneup to have your relationship sparking on all cylinders and maybe even some new ones.


What to expect on the day:

  • Welcome-grab something warm to drink along with some baked goods.
  • We will begin with an overview of the Gottman Method and the tools we will be sharing during the day
  • We will learn a specific tool
  • We will demonstrate how to use the tool
  • Send you and your partner to a private space in the house (or outdoors) to practice the tool
  • Return to the main space
  • Repeat this process throughout the day

Additional information:

  • Learn new relationship-building skills
  • Practice the skills in private, with you and your partner, so that you can experience the impact in real-time
  • You will receive an extensive participant guide and have  access to Google Drive with additional resources
  • There will be no sharing with the larger group (if you need help after, after-we will help you with specific challenges)
  • Meet some great people
  • Have some gourmet food!


Leona and Rod are amazing instructors and put you at ease from the moment the day began.  The program presented was well executed and remained on schedule.  Rod and Leona were great facilitators from explaining the science behind Gottmans’ research, to implementing the tools introduced, along with role playing the activities we were to do on our own.

Leona and Rod were continuously around if we had questions during our breakout sessions. When we came together as a group, you always felt supported with all the people around you.  The tools introduced for conflict resolution and better communication with our partners could be easily used with other relationships from family members, friends, coworkers, and employees.

I would highly recommend this course to any couple that are seeking to keep their relationship fresh, open, loving, and supporting; and any couple that might be struggling with their communication. The Gottmans have a way of keeping it positive and seeing the good before the “ugly.”  Again, kudos to Leona and Rod for demonstrating these methods.  You can see from their relationship, and how they treat each other in front of a captive audience, that it is a testament these tools work!

– J&R

If you are looking for a workshop that helps with exploring connection and relationship building tools, this is a good one.  The format allowed lots of couple time to practice the tools that were presented.  We particularly liked the format that precludes sharing personal stories with the group as a whole so there was no pressure or awkwardness.  The day went by really fast and was very enjoyable.  Whether you are a new couple or have lots of years together, we highly recommend it.

– L&B


Gottman Couples Retreat

Date: April 13, 2024

Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Location: Lovely home in NW Calgary

Cost: $269 per couple

Facilitators: Leona deVinne & Rod Miller

The retreat size is limited to 14 couples.

Register to hold your spot ASAP, as we anticipate reaching capacity quickly.

Gottman Couples Retreat


The Gottman Couples Retreat aims to strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and navigate conflicts successfully.

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