PEAK Leadership


PEAK Leadership Training

Purpose • Engagement • Agility • Knowledge

  • All content is based on research-based, practical leadership frameworks.
  • Certificate provided after each level and upon completion of the program.
  • You can customize the program and choose any topic/module from any level to create a customized training plan for your team.
All customized 21-hour programs include certification and qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Level 1

  • Values identification and Alignment
  • Be Well to Lead Well-Wholistic Leadership
  • Trust-4 domains of trust
  • Resilience-change management
  • Neuroscience of leadership-make your brain your ally
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Productivity-effective use of time and resources

Level 2

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Building high performing teams
  • Delivering results – effective meetings, accountability frameworks
  • Effective Communication – frameworks that drive results
  • Coaching Fundamentals – frameworks and practices
  • Performance and Feedback – delivering feedback and managing performance
  • Innovation – developing creative thinking practices

Level 3

  • Executive emotional intelligence
  • Building healthy cultures – create a dynamic thriving culture
  • Aligning team to strategy
  • Coaching for performance – growing the potential in others
  • Executive coaching skills
  • Leading through others -Developing influence in and across the organization
  • Executive Management skills

Cohort size: 6-25 people per cohort

Time commitment: 90 minutes each session

Delivery: virtual

Leadership and team coaching can be added to any program.